Facilities & Grounds Plays a Vital Role

From Spokane Transit’s bus shelters and stations, to the vehicle maintenance garage, Facilities and Grounds Foreman Brian Bale helps lead the day-to-day charge to keep STA’s facilities in shape to serve our region’s public transit needs.

“I assign responsibilities for work requests throughout STA’s properties and assist in acquisitions of equipment, tools, parts — everything our team needs to accomplish the job,” said Bale.

When the COVID-19 pandemic came to the Spokane community, Bale and the Facilities and Grounds team’s role became even more vital.

“We have had to be more comprehensive than ever in our disinfecting procedures to keep our staff and community safe,” said Bale. “Disinfecting is extremely important in the buildings and the spaces that our employees use, so that they can safely serve the public.”

Even before the pandemic hit, the Facilities and Grounds team was using an ammonia-based disinfecting solution that fights a variety of viruses — including viruses similar to COVID-19.

“The disinfecting solution we use was already in our arsenal. What changed was the frequency and some of the details of our disinfecting practices,” Said Bale. “I helped develop the procedures for disinfecting during the pandemic and trained staff in the proper disinfecting protocol to fight the virus.”

The disinfecting solution, Re-Juv-Nal, is the product of choice because of its effectiveness in stopping viruses similar to the 2019 novel coronavirus on hard surfaces and is certified by the EPA.

“There is a difference between disinfecting and sanitizing,” said Bale. “The procedures we are doing are disinfecting procedures. The objective is to kill the virus on equipment, on surfaces in STA workspaces and in spaces utilized by the public.”

Despite the additions to their duties, Bale’s team has faced the challenge of helping everyone stay safe during the pandemic with a sense of pride.

“It has been exciting for me to see how far we have come as a department,” said Bale. “The pride and ownership everyone has taken in their responsibilities is inspiring.”

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