Rules to Keep Riders Safe

What makes the job of Transportation Supervisor for STA an excellent fit for Cassie Williams is the variety of responsibilities and challenges in her work.

“As a supervisor for the Fixed Route department, what is expected of me changes, and I like that,” said Williams. “I like to be kept on my toes and find solutions as new challenges come up.”

Williams began at Spokane Transit as a coach operator for five years before completing a master’s degree in Management and Leadership with Western Governors University and moving into her position as Transportation Supervisor.

“As supervisors, we help keep the bus system running smoothly. We monitor the routes and schedule times of the buses on the road throughout the day,” said Williams. “We also respond to any issue that might come up for our drivers. Whether that is helping passengers understand how we’re keeping them safe or navigating road hazards on their route —anything. We act as another tool to help get issues resolved.”

During the winter months, Transportation Supervisors also have the added responsibility of helping to keep the system on-time during challenging snow conditions. 

As changes and new safety regulations have been implemented at STA in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Williams and her team have also helped educate the public and enforce the new rules.

“At the end of the day, safety is the most important thing here at STA,” said Williams. “Whether someone is not wearing a mask or not keeping social distance, we are here to help and make sure that happens.”

Williams and her fellow Transportation Supervisors also are there to respond to STA riders.

“We are there to listen to the public when they have feedback and answer their questions,” said Williams. “A lot of the time, complaints we receive come down to a misunderstanding of the bus system or the rules of conduct when riding the bus, so we help inform them.”

While customer concerns have had added tension due to the pandemic, Williams believes that showing a little kindness can go a long way.

“It’s highlighted why we’re understanding and patient with people,” said Williams. “If you are coming from a kind place, it is a lot more likely the response you will get back will be positive.”

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