Taking Pride in His Work

General Repair Mechanic Christian Bigger may be new to STA, but he has worked in public transit for over four-and-a-half years.

“I help diagnose and troubleshoot issues with a vehicle, fix anything that needs fixing or replace anything needs to be replaced,” said Bigger.

Bigger and his team respond to a variety of vehicle maintenance needs for STA.

“My work is often in response to things that Class 3 Inspection Mechanics find on a vehicle,” said Bigger. “I also respond to concerns brought to us by the drivers, like a check engine light coming on, issues with the steering wheel, the doors, the electric mirrors, low power, fluid leaks, or a flat tire. Every day is different.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has added some projects beyond the routine maintenance that Bigger and the rest of the vehicle maintenance team at STA work on.

“The technicians and mechanics on the shop floor repair the safety barriers that they installed for passenger and driver safety,” said Bigger. “We also maintain the containers for face masks and hand sanitizer on the vehicles to make it available to riders.”

While his team practices additional safety precautions due to the pandemic, Bigger assures that his team has not slowed down.

“I honestly would say my routine hasn’t had to change much other than wearing a mask and social distancing,” said Bigger. “Other than that, the actual work we do and the amount of work we get done is the same. I typically work on two to three vehicles a day, depending on the severity of the issues that come in.”

When more intensive maintenance work comes up Bigger is not intimidated, he enjoys the complex projects.

“My favorite part is the challenge. I like the jobs that make you think and that are harder to troubleshoot,” said Bigger. “When you finally do figure it out and fix it, there is a sense of pride. It is a good feeling when you can overcome the challenges of the job.”

Bigger believes that it is important to take pride in his work.

“When you do take pride in your job, the end result tends to be a lot better than if you didn’t. It makes your job easier and makes a better product in the end,” said Bigger.

That sense of pride comes to Bigger when he sees an STA vehicle back on the road after he has worked on it.

“I love providing a public service. It’s a great feeling seeing a bus full of passengers on a vehicle you know you worked on and fixed,” said Bigger. “It is really up to us to keep the bus in the best working order for the rider and the driver. That’s most important.”

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