"We will get through this"

Jackie McGee has been a Customer Service Representative at STA for 11 years and is dedicated to being a knowledgeable resource for riders.

“You have to know all the locations in the system. I try and familiarize myself with all of the neighborhoods and get to know where customers have to walk to get to their bus stop,” McGee said. “The other day, I went out to the Moran Prairie with my husband just to familiarize myself with the area to be able to better help customers.”

When a new customer comes to her looking to buy a bus pass, McGee helps them understand their options.

“I like to ask new customers questions and try to understand how often they ride and when and where they are riding to,” McGee said. “I want to help customers get the right pass for their particular situation and get them the best bang for their buck.”

During the pandemic, McGee has noticed a change in the riders who come to the customer service counter at the Plaza or who call 328-RIDE for help.

“I can hear the stress in people’s voices and I know not to take it personally,” said McGee. “With what we are going through right now, I just try to keep a positive attitude and let customers know we are here for them.”

Even amongst the added stress in everyone’s lives, McGee’s favorite part of the job is still her interactions with the people.

“I love getting to know the variety of people who use STA’s services,” McGee said. “I’m not just interested in the business of selling a pass. I enjoy knowing their stories and why they ride with STA.”

Beyond her interactions with the public, McGee also expresses gratitude for her teammates.

“We have a really cool office. I feel like our team has gotten even closer during this crisis,” said McGee. “No matter what Customer Service is dealt, we overcome it. That’s just who we are.”

Overall, McGee keeps a positive attitude in the face of the pandemic.

“As much as customers and I want the Plaza back to normal, I try and remind people that it will come back one day,” McGee said. “We will hear the blowing of the horns on Bloomsday again. We will hear the sound of basketballs and cheers during Hoopfest again. The laughter, the conversations around the Plaza – it will all be back one day.”

When it comes down to it, McGee’s message to customers is one of encouragement and support.

“We are here for you. We want everyone to ride STA safely and get where they need to go safely,” said McGee. “Through thick and thin, we will get through this.”

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