Supplies to Keep STA Moving

When Jared Babbitt started his new position as STA’s Shipping and Receiving clerk last spring, the COVID-19 pandemic was already impacting normal operations. In fact, much of his time was spent receiving and organizing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

“In response to COVID, I have seen thousands of supplies come in and help keep everything stocked — from hand sanitizer to masks and gloves,” Babbit said.

He’s part of a dedicated team that makes sure STA’s PPE supplies remain stocked.

“I deal with a lot of people from outside organizations delivering to STA,” said Babbitt. “I also will pick up orders that are ready locally.”

Beyond PPE, Babbitt handle’s a variety of supplies that help to keep STA running.

“All parts and goods we acquire come through me, and anything that needs to be shipped out comes through me,” said Babbitt. “That includes tools our riders use like our schedules, maps, and signage.”

Babbitt also handles tools and parts that supply the Vehicle Maintenance Team and help keep STA moving.

“The main items I stock are vehicle parts for STA’s maintenance team to take care of our buses, paratransit vans and equipment,” said Babbitt. “Every department is important, but without parts on hand, our operations would not run as smoothly.”

Babbitt is proud to be a part of the team at STA, especially during the challenges of the pandemic.

“Through my job, I help keep the buses and vans on the road, which is especially important during the pandemic,” said Babbitt. “I’m proud to a part of how STA is supporting the community right now — from helping essential workers get to their jobs, to helping people get to the store who don’t have other methods of transportation.”

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