"I'm here to support STA's essential employees"

For STA employees, Lisa Duffin is one of the agency’s most recognizable faces. She’s the go-to expert on anything and everything having to do with employee benefits, and her role has been expanded to help STA employees personally affected by COVID-19. 

She’s now a front-line resource for drivers and other employees with questions or worries about COVID-19, and charged with handling leave-of-absence requests for employees affected by the novel coronavirus. STA employees have had to deal with challenges such as self-quarantining, the need to care for a sick family member, and providing care for young children who suddenly aren’t going to school. For many, Duffin is their first stop.

Despite the increased workload and uncertainty COVID-19 has brought, she remains unfazed and upbeat.

“I am here to support STA’s essential employees, especially in regard to their COVID-19 questions and leave of absence requests,” Duffin said.

“No one should ever hesitate to contact me. No question is too small!”

Duffin has quickly become a pro at identifying benefit options for employees requesting leaves due to coronavirus. That’s quite a feat, considering no two requests are alike.

Working closely with STA employees helps Duffin keep tabs on how well STA’s front-line bus and van operators are coping through the COVID-19 outbreak. Overall, she’s found employees are appreciative of the workplace safety measures that have been put in place.

“Our employees are very proud to be serving their community during this time and happy to come to work,” Duffin said. “They expect people will stay home if they’re sick, and that they will practice social distancing and good hygiene etiquette if they need to take the bus for their essential trips.”

Still, there’s no denying that this is a stressful time. As such, Duffin anticipates an uptick in the number of employees seeking support through STA’s Employee Assistance Program, which offers free and confidential counseling, as well as referrals to other support services.

“We value our employees,” Duffin said. “We will do everything we can to support them and the community.”

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