Safe and Reliable

Coach operator Liz Adam loves adventure, so it came as no surprise to her friends and family that she said yes when her best friend called her in Illinois to ask if she and her son would move to Spokane.

“We go where our hearts lead us,” Adam said. “This time it was Spokane!”

Not long after, it was that same friend’s husband who got Adam interested in becoming a coach operator. He drives for Spokane Transit and regularly talked about how much he enjoyed it.

“I’ve always loved driving myself,” Adam said. “I also enjoy customer service and helping people, so I thought I’d give it a shot.”

She’s now been a coach operator for STA for a little over a year. But, as much as Adams loves her job, she didn’t expect that it would help her cope when tragedy struck.

In March, Adam’s mother passed away. Her father also passed, just two weeks later. Then, on Memorial Day, her brother died in an accident. For Adam, the loss was overwhelming.

“The only time I wasn’t thinking about losing my family was when I was driving the bus,” Adam said. “Focusing on my driving gave me a much-needed reprieve from the grief.”

It’s definitely the hardest thing Adam has been through. Of course, on top of everything else, there’s still the coronavirus to contend with. But Adam knows that STA’s customers are counting on her now more than ever.

“Honestly, I feel privileged to be working and able to help people get to their essential destinations like work, grocery stores and pharmacies,” Adam said. “I have already been thanked by so people who would otherwise have no way to get to work.”

In keeping with her adventurous spirit, Adam prefers working the Extra Board at STA. That means filling in wherever she’s needed – covering for a driver on vacation, for example. She doesn’t have a set route, often doesn’t know where she’ll be working until it’s time to be there, and never has a chance to fall into a regular routine.

“I like driving a variety of routes, and the on-the-go, in-a-moment’s-notice type of work,” Adam said. “It keeps things fresh.”

Whatever route she’s driving, Adam is taking special care to keep her bus as clean as possible. She never declines the mid-route bus disinfection service STA implemented and always takes time during her layovers to personally go through and spray things down with the commercial disinfectant that STA provides for driver use.

“I want my passengers to know that I am taking every precaution to protect against COVID-19,” Adam said. “It’s my job to provide safe, reliable transportation services for our community, whether there’s a pandemic or not.”

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