Adapting to The Challenges of COVID-19

Mike Hill has worked for Spokane Transit for 15 years – first as a Transit Officer, then as a Fixed Route Supervisor, and now in his current role as the Operations Specialist.

“As Operations Specialist, I support a lot of the technology STA uses. I act as a liaison between IS and the Fixed Route departments,” said Hill. “My favorite part of the job is solving problems. I really enjoy taking a task someone does and finding a way to simplify the process by building a tool to help.”

Some of the technology Hill is working on has been adapted to meet the challenges of the pandemic and continues to be updated to meet the regulations and recommendations from federal, state, and local health authorities.

“I think STA has done an outstanding job adapting to the situation to keep our services available to the community,” Hill said. “We provide the same services we did before the pandemic and will continue to provide them after.”

Hill also has developed new systems to help ensure STA staff and customers have a safe and clean environment on the bus.

“There are some resources that I have designed specifically regarding the pandemic, to help track compliance with regulations,” said Hill. “The technology make’s the process of reviewing the data a lot simpler and takes out many extra steps when generating reports on the data.”

Whether his work involves helping STA respond to the challenges of the pandemic or focuses on improving day-to-day operations, Hill takes pride in developing solutions that are more efficient and convenient for his team and STA customers.

“We use technology pretty heavily — from the moment the first dispatcher arrives, until the last bus that pulls into the garage at night,” Hill said. “Technology helps us provide a better service to the public. It enables us to communicate real-time information to the customers, report on our annual statistics to the community, and consider changes to improve our transit system.”

Even amongst the health crisis, Hill has a strong sense of hope.

“This is an incredible agency to work for. It is rewarding and fulfilling to serve the public,” said Hill. “Every employee at STA is doing what they can to help everyone endure the evolving challenges of the pandemic. This is tough on everyone, but I believe we will get through this.”

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