Optimistic About the Future

For Paratransit Van Operator Roy Norman, every day is a new adventure.

“I go down to the garage and do a vehicle inspection to make sure everything is working properly, then I log in to see my route for the morning,” said Norman. “It changes quite often throughout the day. We serve all over the region, and my route is different every single day.”

Norman is proud to work for Paratransit.

“It feels really good serving people who have trouble getting from one place to another,” said Norman. “We assist the elderly and disabled in getting from their pickup location to their destination. We are a door-to-door service.”

The Paratransit routine has changed during the pandemic, but the new safety protocols don’t faze Norman.

“It’s just a few extra steps. Every day I come in, answer the questions concerning COVID-19 and do my temperature check,” said Norman. “We sanitize everything, keep our masks on and keep our distance. We still talk to each other, but from a safe distance.”

Norman is grateful for the actions STA has taken to keep both passengers and employees safe.

“STA has stood with all of its employees and takes a lot of care to make sure we are safe,” said Norman, “and we are still going strong.”

Norman is also grateful for the support from his team.

“Our supervisors are great. They come in every morning with a smile on their face. They joke around with us and ask us about our days,” said Norman. “At the end of the day, they are there for us when we have any questions. They are there for us for anything we need.”

While the fight against the pandemic has been difficult, Norman feels optimistic about the future.

“The pandemic has been hard on a lot of people, and people are tired of being cooped up inside, but overall people I interact with have a good attitude,” said Norman. “People in our community have done their part, and now we are seeing things start to open back up. It is great to see places open up and be safe about it.”

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