Meet the STA workers keeping public transit running
during the coronavirus emergency


Gratitude for All of STA's Essential Employees

Spokane Transit is grateful for every employee’s role in the success of STA’s mission. Even in times of hardship, the team has risen to the challenges at hand.

Celebrating Transit Driver Appreciation Day

This year it’s more important than ever to thank our transit drivers for their dedication and hard work in keeping transit safe and accessible during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Taking Pride in His Work

General Repair Mechanic Christian Bigger may be new to STA, but he has worked in public transit for over four-and-a-half years and takes pride in his work.

Optimistic About the Future

Paratransit Van Operator Roy Norman takes a positive outlook on his role at STA and the future of public transit. 

Serving the Community

After working in hospitality for 20 years, Transportation Administrative Assistant Sarah Beal has found her extensive experiencing working with people to be an asset to supporting fixed route bus operations at STA.

"Don't hesitate to reach out to a Transit Officer."

Transit Officer Kolten Missamore has been working for Spokane Transit for only six months, but he has quickly experienced first-hand the variety of ways the role of Transit Officer impacts the community.

Training in a Shifting Climate

Training Instructor Jeff DeMers and his team train employees throughout STA on the skills they need to be members of a winning team.

Supplies to Keep STA Moving​

Shipping & Receiving Clerk Jared Babbitt handle’s a variety of supplies that help to keep STA running — including essential PPE.

Rules to Keep Riders Safe

As changes and new safety regulations have been implemented at STA in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Transit Supervisor Cassie Williams and her team have helped educate the public and enforce the new rules.

Making the Rider Experience Convenient and Accessible

Associate Transit Planner Tara Limon is the route facilities planner for STA. When planning for service improvements, Limon assesses the locations of bus stops and the amenities available as ridership patterns evolve.

Ensuring System Security

Network Administrator Tim Elmer takes pride in his team’s role in providing public transportation to the community during the coronavirus emergency.

"We will get through this"

Customer Service Representative Jackie McGee is dedicated to being a knowledgeable resource for riders.

Adapting to The Challenges of COVID-19

Operations Specialist Mike Hill takes pride in developing solutions that are more efficient and convenient for his team and STA customers.

Finding a New Sense of Purpose

Paratransit Van Operator Cody Young sees his role at STA as an essential part of the lives of the riders he helps serve.

"We are here to help"

Since the COVID-19 came into the picture, Transit Officer and Systems Security Specialist Tom Barber spends his mornings performing daily health screenings, including a temperature check.

Keeping STA Buses Clean & Safe

Night-shift Vehicle Maintenance Cleaner Richard Martin clocks in at 9 pm with his team to inspect, clean and sanitize STA bus interiors to make sure they are clean and safe for riders each morning.

Facilities & Grounds Plays a Vital Role

Facilities and Grounds Foreman Brian Bale helps lead the day-to-day charge to keep STA’s facilities in shape to serve our region’s public transit needs.

Maintaining Accessibility During the Pandemic

Paratransit Van Operator Jeff Ryan helps disabled and senior riders stay connected to the community and get to essential destinations.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

STA’s Executive Assistants team up to use technology to virtually host important staff, board and committee meetings.

Finding Strength During Adversity

Paratransit Supervisor Lance Durbin and the Paratransit team adapt to new roles during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trained to Put Safety First

STA Training Instructor Mel Figuracion puts the focus on safety in all his training sessions.

Using Data to Fight COVID-19

Senior Data Technician Damian Fleskes collects information that helps STA’s coronavirus emergency response.

Staying On Track

Capital Project Manager Ryan Brodwater pushes STA projects forward, despite new challenges from COVID-19.

Connecting With Riders During COVID-19

Coach Operator Charlene Gresham takes pride in staying in touch with her customers during the coronavirus emergency.


Building Barriers Against a Pandemic

Fixed Route Lead Ron Scouton and his team rise to the challenge to design, build and install safety barriers for STA’s fleet of 147 buses.

Serving the Community in New Ways

Paratransit Van Operator Anjie Hughes is supportive of the many new ways STA is serving the community during the coronavirus outbreak.

Keeping Buses on the Road

Fixed Route Supervisor Eric Woods gets creative to solve problems for transit riders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I wanted to be out helping people”

Paratransit Van Operator Karl Larson takes on new duties during the coronavirus emergency

An Expanded Role During COVID-19

Customer Service Representative Lonnie Olson takes the initiative to help STA customers during the national emergency.

“A Driving Force at STA”

Coach Operator Dave Schultheis has driven for STA for 33 years, but this is the first time he’s had to navigate through a pandemic.

“Nothing makes me feel better”

Paratransit Reservationist Toby Herman faces his biggest challenge in 25 years at STA.

Trained to Make a Difference

Shannon Kessler completes STA’s Coach Operator Training Program and takes her new skills to the streets.

Connecting Commuters During a Pandemic

Vanpool Coordinator Emily Courchaine works to support STA Vanpool groups through the coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

We’re All in this Together

Coach Operator Colleen Quintana’s health care experience proves to be an asset during the coronavirus pandemic.

Liz Adams-2

Safe and Reliable

Coach Operator Liz Adam takes special care to make sure her passengers are as safe as possible during COVID-19.


Coordinating the Essentials

Paratransit Dispatcher Januari Brown schedules efficient, cost-effective trips for drivers and customers during the coronavirus outbreak.


Finding a New Normal

Customer Service and Plaza Operations Manager Jenni Knoll helps ensure a safe environment for people visiting the STA Plaza.

Alex Henry-1

Representing STA

Paratransit Van Operator Alex Henry takes on new roles during coronavirus.


Going the Extra Mile

Coach Operator Jabriel Pumarejo feels a special responsibility to his riders.


“We have not slowed down at all”

STA’s Purchasing Department keeps essential items like PPE and disinfectants stocked during the national emergency.


"Everything will be back to normal soon"

Lead Customer Service Representative Trish Gainer finds a new routine as the STA Plaza adjusts to the coronavirus pandemic.


A True People Person

Transit Officer Mike DeConto takes pride in working with the public during COVID-19.


Getting the Job Done

Building Maintenance Specialist Frank English sees himself tested during the coronavirus emergency.


“Thank you for trusting us”

Paratransit Van Operator Brandi Pool finds herself lending a hand in unexpected ways during STA’s coronavirus response.


“We will do everything we can do”

Employee Benefits Specialist Lisa Duffin takes on new responsibilities as the first stop for STA employees personally affected by COVID-19.


“We’re here to do our job”

Fixed Route Supervisor Raff Hairston sets new routines to keep buses safe as part of STA’s emergency response.


Long Hours, Clear Goals

Network Administrator Ben Liebhaber makes sure STA employees are able to continue essential work as a global pandemic takes hold.


“It’s a must”

Coach Operator Justin Martinez finds a way to repay kindness during the national coronavirus emergency.

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