Gratitude for All of STA's Essential Employees

From the front lines to behind the scenes, every employee at Spokane Transit is essential to the organization’s success. When working in continually changing and adverse conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, every employee and their role is important in providing safe and reliable public transportation today and into the future.

“All of STA’s employees have stepped up in their respective positions to maintain our essential service to the public, all while keeping other agency projects and priorities on track.” Chief Executive Officer, E. Susan Meyer. “I’ll truly be forever grateful.”

On the front lines, there are several recognizable people representing STA. Coach and van operators are the faces of STA on the road every day as they assist the public in getting to their destinations like medical appointments, the grocery store, and jobs. Supervisors address questions, concerns and many other needs for both drivers and customers.

Customer service representatives and Paratransit reservationists answer our riders’ questions and concerns and help them schedule and plan their trip to get where they need to go safely. Transit Security officers maintain a safe environment at our facilities and help passengers get the information they need to use our services.

Behind the scenes, a network of staff is here to support and maintain daily operations. The planning team addresses the needs of the public and follows the data in order to regularly improve upon the transit system serving the community.

Keeping our vehicles in clean, safe and working order, the vehicle maintenance team takes care to inspect, clean and repair each vehicle that serves the public. Each of our bus stops, park and rides and transit stations are kept clean and maintained by the facilities and grounds team.

The finance and information services teams keep track of our funding and technology to keep STA operating responsibly and securely. Management and the executive team lead each department, empowering them to safely and efficiently do their jobs to keep the organization running smoothly.

Every employee has a role to play in the success of STA’s mission. Even in times of hardship, our team has risen to the challenges at hand.

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